Kree & Justin – March 3rd, 2015 & April 4th, 2015

Kree and Justin’s ceremony holds a very special place in my heart. They had booked in their wedding date for the start of April, choosing The Grange as their ceremony and reception location. (Not normally hired out for weddings, but they knew a guy!)

Kree had long since shared a favourite book with her father, Scott and knew when the time came, she would use the wording from the wedding section in this book as the basis of her wedding ceremony. We worked together to add in the legal wording required, and a unique ceremony was created.

Sadly, Kree’s father became very unwell, and her most important wish for her wedding day was that her dad be there to give her away. So they changed the date, changed the location to Kree’s parent’s property and invited Justin’s family and best man to fly in from South Australia. Surrounded by immediate family, Kree and Justin were married in a beautiful ceremony. Kree’s father and Justin’s mother signed the certificates. This was all captured on film, some of which was later shown at the reception of their April ceremony.

Kree and Justin still held their April wedding as well. We celebrated the same meaningful ceremony, just omitting the legals. They had a marquee on the lawn pf the Grange, Betsy’s Goodbar serving the drinks and a big party full of their family and friends. There were smiles, laughter and plenty of joy. I know Scott would have been smiling down on us all.


Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kennedy! x

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