Kaz & Mel – 9th February, 2018

This weekend we celebrated a modern-day fairytale, which I told prior to Kaz and Mel’s beautiful ceremony.

“The princesses fall madly in love, but the wicked witch is determined to destroy them. Kaz and Mel will be playing the part of the princesses for today for the first and last time in their lives, I would suggest!. The government and a bigoted society is of course the Wicked Witch.

As in all good fairy tales, the princess has to overcome adversity, usually with a trusted but unlikely side-kick. This is what Kaz and Mel have been for each other over many many years. They’ve survived being lost in the thorny forests of working together, moving house, renovations, setting up businesses, travel, health stuff, the list goes on. And each time they came out of these thorny forests they were stronger, more confident and more in love.

Now the Wicked Witch is watching all of this from her crystal ball. She doesn’t like all this happiness, all this contentment, all this commitment, all this community engagement… all without her say-so.

Here’s where the villagers – that’s us – come into the story. The Wicked Witch finally asked the villagers to gather round and decide if regular princesses and princes who are loved family members, adored friends, hard workers, generous people and valued members of our community should have equal rights when it comes to living their own happily ever after.

The villagers responded by shouting a resounding “Heck Yes” (Heck is a swear word in fairytale land but they didn’t care).

And so the Wicked Witch melted into a puddle, and the rejoicing could be heard throughout the land.

Congratulations to two wonderful people! x

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