What makes a perfect wedding?

If you want your wedding to be perfect, don’t read this post. You’re still reading? Seriously, stop reading!!

If you want to know what makes a wonderful wedding, reading blogs, pining over pinterest posts and following tradition won’t help you.

What will help is sitting down and talking with your fiancé.

Talk about what you both want to see happen at your wedding. Talk about people you want involved, music you want to hear, words you want said and the vibe you both want to convey.


The answers to these questions will be what will make your wedding perfect.. for you!


Want a tree planting ceremony? Do it!

Want to pay tribute to your loved ones? Wonderful!

Want to have a friend help officiate your ceremony? That’s possible too!


Be open minded, be honest with what you want, and chat with your wonderful celebrant about how to make these things happen – where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Photo of the awesome Sarah & Sam, captured by the talented Sarah Bell Birch at the stunning St. Edward’s of the Riverina

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