Changing your name – the choice is yours!

What’s in a name?

Gone are the days we assume that being married means one person (read: the woman) ditches their surname and adopts their new spouse’s (read: man’s) name.

This is a lovely tradition. I chose to change my name to my husband’s when we married. And given a do-over, I would still choose this. I like it. But that’s me. And you’re you. So, it’s super important that you make your decision based on what works for you and your fiancé – not your grandmother, not your fiancé’s father, not the local priest, YOU.

These days there are so many options and they are easy. If you are legally married on Australian soil, the registration of your marriage (which is taken care of by your celebrant) means you can change your name for free. You can choose to take your new spouse’s name, or they yours. You can hyphenate your names, or you can celebrate your union by making a whole new name.

Photo of the super fun Jess and Dale, captured by the brilliant Sweet Lola Photography.

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