Weddings in COVID times

When COVID first hit, and weddings were pared right back to ‘the essentials’, a few things happened.

Many, many…. many people postponed their big day. Absolutely understandable.

Some people, however, decided to go ahead. These small weddings were absolutely beautiful. Without the pressure of throwing a big party, the nervousness of speaking in front of everyone or the need to please a large group of people, we all let out a big breath and enjoyed what weddings are ultimately about – two people in love making a commitment to one another.

I also never got to hang with the awesome photographers… instead, I’d give them a socially-distanced “high 5” as I left. Once I was gone, it was ok for the photographer to be present while adhering to the 5-person limit.

This opportunity to reimagine weddings has been super interesting. I think people will be even more protective of doing things exactly the way they wish in the wake (hopefully there is a wake soon) of COVID. So please, go ahead and plan your wedding exactly the way you want it – we’ll make it work… somehow/someday.

If you are happy to make some compromises to ensure we’re adhering to restrictions, let’s make those changes and go ahead.

If you want to rock it on the d-floor all night long to the tunes of your favourite band with hundreds of guests, you may need to wait a while… but at least your wedding memories will be exactly as you’d hoped.

Hayley & Jack’s April wedding date was super important to them, but lockdown at the time meant they couldn’t travel to Queensland as originally planned. They chose a beautiful location, had their two witnesses physically there while their friends and family watched on via Facebook, and made their promises to one another. It was so special.

Photo by the very talented Bel from Landsell Productions.

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